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About  Urban Getaways

We aim to give LGBT+ people the opportunity to travel, make friendships, and enjoy life. At Urban Getaways, we host a variety of affordable events, retreats, amusement park/casino trips, festivals, and visit environments that are interesting & where diversity is celebrated.

We have a unique bond, we are members of the LGBT+ community, and we welcome and embrace everyone at our events. We offer affordable getaways to the community as often as possible. Everyone should be able to experience travel and fun regardless of finances. We don’t see ourselves as just a travel group but a family that travels together.  Our goal is for everyone in our cohort to have some form of interaction and possibly make lifelong connections. We have the knowledge and experience to accommodate our group’s needs and provide safe, fun, and memorable events.

Our purpose is to travel and explore places outside of the ordinary with an “unordinary” group of people because we all are extraordinary. Welcome to the Urban Getaways family!

Dez's Story

             Traveling for me has always been a way of life. I was born in Baltimore, MD but have lived in states like New York, Atlanta, North Carolina, and California. I’ve always had wanderlust and would watch films and dream of traveling to different places. In my younger days, I figured I would be the biggest gay female rapper and could travel to every state on my tour bus with exciting people. Even though that dream never occurred, I still attended many cohort type events - youth church retreats, bus trips and camping trips with groups to name a few. I just couldn’t keep still. This eventually led me to choose a career as a truck driver. I know what you’re thinking a “truck driver,” hey stereotypes exist we crave excitement too. We all have a story…


            Trucking has provided me an income and the ability to visit the 48 states, but it is no way “paid tourism” it’s just a job. Many people from where I’m from never had the ability to travel because of affordability. I remember my Aunt Sharon, God rest her soul. She was so proud of me because I’ve traveled to multiple places, but for me, it didn’t seem that big of a deal because people have traveled further. All of my friends looked up to me and would always ask me about my experiences. Being a pretty reserved person, I’ve never shared much of what happened or posted my travels on places like “Facebook” or “Instagram” rather I wanted people to experience it too, not just paint a visual picture for them. 


            So why did I build this business? I started Urban Getaways because I want as many people as possible to experience the beauty of different environments and to meet new people in the process. For example, when the average person thinks of Baltimore, they think of “hood, ratchet, and ghetto.” Yet, what they don’t show on TV is Waterfront condos in Canton, and the bars in Fells Point, or having a nice meal overlooking the inner harbor. The media portrays urban cities in a negative light - but everywhere you go it is good and bad – you just have to confront your fears. What’s more, I’ve noticed that there is a need for inexpensive travel options and fun events for the LGBTQ+ family. We are often underserved and overlooked and for many of us multiple minorities.


            I feel that the time we make our move and experience life to the fullest is now. People from all walks of life are welcome. Besides, I feel as though I was put on this earth to serve the people in my community. So if you choose to join any event with Urban Getaways, let me know about your experience personally, whether it’s positive or negative because we aren't just a travel group but a family that travels.


Sincerely, Dez